Catering Services

Planning a party? Wedding reception? Graduation? Or just a cookout in the backyard? Whether you need catering from soup to nuts or just a great appetizer to compliment your meal, call Rinaldo or Mindy at DiSalvo's Deli! Bring a little bit of Italy to your next party! We'll make your party special at a price that's less than you'd expect to pay for such quality! All from the heart with love!

This is just a sampling... Items and prices are subject to change without notice so be sure to call the Deli for the most current menu and prices...

Antipasto Trays

$8.95 per person

Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Baked Ham, Cappocolla, and Provolone, beautifully arranged and garnished with our marinated tomatoes, stuffed cherry peppers, and giardiniera mix. This is our claim for fame! Delicious!

Cheese and Fruit Trays

$6.50 per person 

Includes an array of chunked domestic cheeses on a bed of lettuce garnished with the season’s freshest fruit!

Prosciutto and Melon

$7.95 per person 

The freshest cantaloupe wrapped with our finest prosciutto and garnished with more fresh fruit. A very sophisticated and different appetizer!

Smoked Salmon Appetizer

$10.95 per person 

Delicious thinly sliced smoked salmon layered with capers and red onions, then seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and spices. Extra special and one of our best ideas yet!

Party Meatballs

$4.95 per person 

Your guests will think they’re in the heart of Rome when they taste our delicious homemade meatballs covered with our own spaghetti sauce. (Heating elements not included)

Rinaldo's Sausage Special

$7.95 per person 

Rinaldo’s famous homemade sausage sautéed with fresh green peppers and onions in pure olive oil. Served with 3 inch hard crusted rolls. Sure to be the hit of any party!

Cocktail Sampler

$5.95 per person 

A variety of freshly baked cocktail size buns piled high with your choice of cold cuts and cheeses garnished with our famous marinated tomatoes for a taste your guests won’t believe!

Italian Relish Trays

$69.95 large
$50.9500 small 

Sure to compliment any party! Large tray filled with our Italian specialty salads of olive salad, marinated mushroom salad, marinated artichoke heart salad and stuffed baby eggplant salad. Deliciously different!

Super Subs Tray$ 9.95 per person 

Choose from a variety of Boar’s Head cold cuts and fresh cheeses and we'll make them into a delicious assortment of sandwiches, including all of our famous trimmings!

Fresh Fruit Trays

$5.95 per person 

We actually handpick the season’s freshest fruits, beautifully arranged on a bed of lettuce. It’s a beautiful and colorful addition to any party table!

Fresh Vegetable Platters

$45.95 each 

Handpicked vegetables from the garden beautifully displayed!
Ranch dip $6 / Creamy Garlic Dip $8.

Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll

$56.95 each 

Our own homemade mozzarella molded around fresh prosciutto and garnished with fresh fruit. Suggested only for those with a very European palate! One size only.

Stuffed Pizza

$39.95 a whole pie 

Three layers of dough, two layers of cheese, tomatoes, sausage, pepperoni and roasted peppers. All stacked on top of one another. It’s a mile high pizza!

Rotollo Di Pizza (Salami Roll)

$35.95a whole roll 

We roll out Rinaldo’s homemade pizza dough and wrap it around hard salami, roasted peppers, fresh tomatoes and swiss cheese. Delicious as an entree or as an appetizer!

Spinach Rotollo

$39.50 a whole roll 

Our delicious homemade dough stuffed with fares sautéed spinach and a special ricotta cheese mixture! A great vegetarian addition to compliment any meal!

Meat and Cheese Deli Trays

$8.95 per person 

Nobody puts together a deli tray like we do! You choose any three meats and two cheeses and you'll have the most delicious deli tray in town! Voted #1 Deli Tray in the area by The Dayton Daily News! Each tray is garnished with even more Italian goodies.

Homemade breads and rolls are also available to compliment your tray—just ask!

Marinated Tomato Trays 

$18.50 small
$24.95 medium
$29.00 large 

It’s easy to give your sandwiches an Italian touch with our tray of marinated tomatoes on the table! Fresh tomatoes thinly sliced and marinated in olive oil and our secret seasonings. Small

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Tray

$7.95 per person 

First we start by making our own mozzarella cheese. Then we thinly slice the cheese and fresh tomatoes and layer it with fresh basil, pure olive oil and our secret seasonings! Always a favorite at our house!

NOTE: Many items that we prepare come from our selection of daily specials. If you have a special menu item in mind that you don't see listed, just call the deli and talk to us! We can do just about anything!