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Friday February 28, 2020...Come to our table to eat

Thank you Dayton for voting and making Disalvo's Deli number one in our city we love you!

Good morning from Rinaldo let's eat great food from the flavors of Italy.

Soup of the Day: A roman style seafood chowder with fresh seafood in a light broth 

Pizza #1: Pepperoni and mushrooms

Pizza #2: Four cheese and marinated tomato with an olive oil base

Sandwich #1: Handmade mozzarella panini

Sandwich #2: Fresh made eggplant parmesan 

Fishy Friday: Canadian cod on a brioche bun with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and frisch's tartar sauce 

Pasta of the Day: Gnocchi served in a fresh made sausage ragu with sage and butter 

Next wine tasting will be on March 28th a spring fest of Italian wines and great food! Details to follow!

It's here 2020 life is good and don't forget to exercise get in shape for April!

NOTE: Many items that we prepare come from our selection of daily specials. If you have a special menu item in mind that you don't see listed, just call the deli and talk to us! We can do just about anything!